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Christmas Gift Guide: Gadgets

Hello everyone,

November is drawing to a close, which can only mean one thing: Christmas Gift Guides!! This time, I’m breaking up the guide into 2 parts: One for gadgets and one for home,beauty and fashion. Hopefully you’ll find some shopping inspiration here 🙂


With the abundance of smartphones these days, it’s only natural that brands come up with various accessories to jazz them up. Two such things that caught my eye are the Smartphone Projection Kit and the Mobile Lens Kit. The projection kit sounds like it would be great for small groups when you want to pull up that hilarious youtube video you found the other day. Since mobile phones are easier to carry around than regular cameras, the lens kit would make a great gift for someone who is enthusiastic about photography, but doesn’t want to cart around a bulky DSLR.

If you are going to use your phone as a portable movie theatre or a camera, chances are that the battery is going to die on you quicker than you can perfect that Instagram picture. A portable charger like this one prevents such frustrating moments, and is also great while travelling. No more staring creepily at the person who is using the one working outlet at the airport till they move.

A fair few of my friends have a wireless bluetooth speaker that we seem to use on a regular basis, be it playing background music during a D&D combat or to transform the observatory into a mini disco on a freezing cold night. I bet someone who is a music enthusiast would be very happy to receive something like this to liven up social gatherings.

For the person who is always prepared and loves to tinker around with things, a wallet ninja would be a perfect gift. It comes with a can opener,bottle opener, ruler, screwdriver and more; and can easily be stashed in a wallet.

Finally, this isn’t really a gadget but a good thermos like this one by Starbucks can be a godsend during cold winter days. I bought myself one as a birthday gift to me, and now I can have my tea with me wherever I go. The matte black exterior makes it look very elegant, it keeps my drink warm for hours and doesn’t spill. A winner if you ask me.

What gadgety gifts do you want for Christmas?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


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