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Picking Up Souvenirs.

Hello everyone!

Picking up souvenirs are a great way to make your trip last a little bit longer. There a few things I consistently pick up along the way as a lasting reminder of the trip.



This is something I collect every single trip. Pretty much everyone takes photographs of their trips, but postcards can also give a glimpse of what the place looked like when the site wasn’t swarming with tourists, or during a different season. Postcards are what I collect, and put up on the wall above my desk. A lovely way to get me through my study sessions.

Travel stubs/journals:

As I have mentioned before, I keep a journal of everything I did while travelling. It’s basically just a diary, but great for writing down little details that you might forget five or ten years down the line. With the journal I also keep hold of various ticket stubs and glue them in. This is a simple and almost free way of recording your travels. If you’re more creative than I am, you could also create scrapbooks with photos/stubs/postcards.


Experiencing the local cuisine is an integral part of travel. I like bringing back dried spices as there is a smaller chance of spillage/problems at customs as compared to fresh produce or liquids. I also love spicy food, so it’s a nice way to incorporate a bit of my travels into my meals.


I could just say jewellery, but I don’t like wearing too much jewellery except for earrings. This is not something I pick up on every trip, but if I find a pair I really like I’ll get it. It’s something I know I’ll wear and get a lot of use out of, and a great way to tell a story when someone asks about them.


I very rarely pick them up as they can very quickly end up cluttering your room.If I do decide to pick something decorative, I try to decide before hand where I’m going to put it, and make sure it’s not too delicate.

What do you pick up when you travel?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


4 thoughts on “Picking Up Souvenirs.

  1. That journal is so pretty! I used to buy knick knacks but I’ve pared it down. Now I usually go with food, some sort of cosmetic/beauty product or an accessory – jewellery or scarf, etc.

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