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Update time!

Hello everyone!

Last month has been a very busy/exciting month, so here is an update on what I have been up to.


The boy and I got engaged! And yes, it did come out of the blue. And now we get to have all the fun of planning the logistics of 3 separate “weddings” in 3 continents. 1.The Civil ceremony in the USA  2. A ceremony in the UK 3.A ceremony in India. By May 2016. Yay!

Photo 22-03-2015 18 17 01

A very talented friend baked this amazing Dungeons and Dragons themed cake to celebrate. I thought it was brilliant!


Photo 01-04-2015 20 58 01

I splurged. A lot. I had given myself a 2 month spending ban for all things beauty related so that I could use stuff up. This turned out to be rather successful, but I needed a whole bunch of haircare because I had run out. And I decided to buy a few things for my trip to Hawaii in May. And then the boys mum came over during spring break and really did rather spoil me. So much pretty stuff!

Photo 27-03-2015 17 34 04

We got to meet and hang out with Jocelyn Bell! (Yes, the one who discovered pulsars) She is a great inspiration to female scientists (especially astronomers) all around the world. I still cannot believe I sat next to her at dinner. (Also sorry about the very grainy picture.)

Photo 28-03-2015 15 20 54

We also ended up going hiking in the Palo Duro canyon with Jocelyn and the rest of the department. A 6 mile hike may not seem like much, but for someone like me who sits at a desk all day, I was just completely covered in salt by the end of it.

Photo 28-03-2015 15 57 18

The day ended up being an amazing day out in West Texas, which made me feel sad that I forgot my cowgirl hat at home. (Yes I do have one.)

How has your month been?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


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