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PhotonBlog: Winchester Christmas Market

Hello everyone!

While it’s now well past Christmas (which was amazing by the way, hope yours was too!) I thought I would share a few pictures of the Winchester Christmas market. I absolutely love the market and I have been going there every year for the past 3/4 years now. It makes for a lovely afternoon/evening out to get into the Christmas spirit and possibly pick up a few presents for people (including yourself!) while you’re there.

This time I spent the day out with a friend and we spent the morning shopping elsewhere. By the time we got to Winchester we were quite hungry/tired so the first stop was a lovely little cafe (not a part of the market)

Photo 19-12-2014 14 22 39

Yay for tea!

Photo 19-12-2014 14 56 15

After tea we walked to the market, past the cathedral; which is massive by the way.

Photo 19-12-2014 14 56 47All of the street vendors this year operated out of these very pretty looking carts. So christmassy!

Photo 19-12-2014 15 03 41Photo 19-12-2014 15 08 43

This shop was so pretty, I just couldn’t resist buying a pretty cereal bowl (with stars all over it of course!)

Photo 19-12-2014 15 12 14I buy something from this stand every single year, because it just smells so amazing. You can smell the stand from quite a distance away and there is a an offer to buy 3 small scented pouches for £10. I love giving these as small pre christmas presents because everyone simply loves it 🙂

Photo 19-12-2014 15 13 47

Photo 19-12-2014 15 14 52

Photo 19-12-2014 15 21 55

We left as the sun was setting, and everything looked even prettier than usual. And of course, I’ll be back next year if I can 🙂

Do you like visiting christmas markets?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


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