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In flight essentials.

Hello everyone!

Over the next month I’m going to be spending many hours in the air, and since being cooped up with 100s of people in a metal box with recycled air isn’t the most comfortable of experiences I have a plethora of items to keep me feeling comfortable.

Photo 12-12-2014 15 53 31


My liquids bag is pretty much stuffed with skincare to keep my skin from drying out and getting flaky and itchy. Pretty much everything is based on Lisa Eldridge’s in flight beauty regime. It might get a few strange looks from the people in the seats next to you, but hey, I’m on a plane for 10 hours with nothing better to do. I carry some makeup removal wipes even though I don’t wear makeup to the airport just to clean any dust/airport grime off my face. Then I spritz the Caudalie Beauty Elixir (mainly because it smells so amazing!) and put on a thick layer of the Origins Drink up Intensive Overnight Mask (decanted into a small pot). Because my eyes always get dry/puffy/itchy on flights I carry some eye drops as well as a cooling eye roll on (this one is by Garnier). The Body Shop Vitamin E lip balm and the FAB Ultra Repair Cream sort out dry lips/hands/elbows/anything else.

Other bits include a hand sanitiser as it’s not always practical to go to the bathroom to wash your hands and a rollerball with relaxing essential oils to help me get to sleep. Just before landing I brush my teeth and top up my deodorant (I’m sure the people receiving me are thankful). While I usually don’t put on any makeup before landing, this time I’m spending a day going around London as soon as I land; so I’m packing the Dior BB Creme and my Origins Plantscription Concealer so I don’t look grey and dead the whole day.

Photo 12-12-2014 15 56 11

Other than the liquids, I carry some tissues, an eye mask, a hairbrush and my powder compact. I also have a little pouch to put away my watch/earrings. I’m also carrying Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey and a Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick this time. A neck pillow is mandatory for overnight flights.

For entertainment I have a magazine (usually Allure) for take off/landing when electronics must be switched off, and my kindle with some new books loaded on. I don’t read much on flights, so this is more for the 4 hour layover in Dallas. I also have my iPod and noise cancelling headphones so that I can listen to some classical music while drifting off. And while I do carry my laptop and camera in my carry on, it’s more for the security than the ability to use them during the flight.

And finally I have a snack and something to drink (my favourites are salted cashews and vitaminwater) to keep me going even in case of unexpected delays (which I have learned to expect now).

What are your essentials for long haul flights?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


2 thoughts on “In flight essentials.

  1. I think yours is very similar to mine. Only difference is I try to always pack a carry-on ONLY if possible so I have everything with me. For essentials though, I would always also include Tide-To-Go, medication (for headaches and such),a journal and a book. The journal is less for writing and more for scribbling notes and such when I remember something of importance.

    • Ooh I must pack some medication in my luggage the next time I fly. I tend to pack carry on only most times except when I’m visiting family. In that case I tend to take quite a few gifts with me (and bring a lot of food back!)

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