Christmas gift ideas.

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of imagination in the title of the post, but after taking exams, giving exams and finishing up last minute grading my brain has decided to take a well deserved vacation.

My usual method of choosing gifts for people is to keep a note on my phone of gift ideas throughout the year so that I’m not left scratching my head on christmas eve. But some people just seem to have everything already! So here are some gifts that I came up with that pretty much suits everyone, but doesn’t scream “Why must you be impossible to shop for?!”


1.Portable phone charger:

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. Almost everyone also complains about the battery life on the things. A portable phone charger lets them tweet/email/instagram throughout the day and still be able to use it to call people at the end of the day.

2.Coffee table books:

Does anyone ever buy these for themselves? Probably not, but if you buy one related to their hobbies/interests (that is don’t buy your grandma a book on bungee jumping unless she is so inclined..) they can be a really thoughtful gift. My personal favourite is Cosmigraphics, a book on how mankind’s view about space has changed throughout the ages.


While mugs can be a very generic gift, they are also some of the easiest things to personalise. There are websites that print your own designs on them, as well as stores that have mugs and in pretty much any shape/size/design you can imagine, you can find something to suit pretty much anyone.Plus everyone needs more mugs right?

4.Fuzzy throws:

More than just home decoration, they are great to snuggle up under in the winter months. A neutral colour like cream is a safe bet, or you can buy one that matches the colour scheme of their home. You could also include a candle to add an extra special touch.

5.Edible gifts:

Fancy wine and cheese, homemade preserves, gourmet sauces, flavoured oils or just good old fashioned chocolate. Go wild! If you’re buying a gift for them, chances are you know what they like anyway.

What gifts do you buy for someone who has everything?

Until next time,Love, Me 🙂


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