4 things to do this weekend.

Hello everyone,

With November coming to an end, things tend to get busy for me with exams, christmas, new year and travelling home. And I imagine it’s a similar situation for most people. So here is a plan for the weekend to get your game face on for the upcoming month.


1. Clear out your bags:

Toss out the year old receipts, empty tic-tac containers and sort through the 58 pens and lip balms strewn at the bottom. Empty out the bag, give it a good shake over the bin. And if your cream leather bag has denim stains like mine does, give it a good once over with a leather cleaning wipe to make it look as good as new. Now fill it up with the essentials like money,hand sanitizer, one lip balm and your keys. Your back will thank you.

2. Tackle your to-do list:

Laundry and quantum mechanics do not go hand in hand as I found out. This is the time to get those boring chores that are piling up (just like those dishes) out of the way, so that you have time for christmas parties revision.

3.Gear up for the holiday season:

Pull out your party dresses and start making christmas lists. If you are ordering presents online, leave plenty of time for shipping. If you are travelling over the festive period to see friends/family, start making plans with them (including dates and times) so you don’t get double booked at the last minute.

4.Have a pamper session:

Light up those scented candles, draw yourself a bubble bath and zone out. My plans involve face masks, hair washing and watching LOTR:The Return of the King with a giant bowl of popcorn.

Will you be doing any of this over the weekend?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


One thought on “4 things to do this weekend.

  1. Why LOTR:ROTK? Did you watch the other two recently already? I personally love the Two Towers.

    This weekend is a bunch of errands and grocery shopping. Tomorrow will be cooking, laundry, making sushi dinner for mom. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.

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