The Good Scrub Guide

Hello there!

If you’re a regular around these parts you would have read my laments about my current face scrub; namely that it contains plastic microbeads, which are a significant environmental hazard. But at the same time, chemical exfoliators just don’t cut the mustard and sometimes I need a good scrubby scrub.

So every time I’m out and I spot a face scrub that looks appealing, I turn it over, and almost always polyethylene is listed on it. But other types of plastic are also used, which means it’s quite the task to find a natural scrub that isn’t going to shred your face or clog up the oceans. What’s a girl to do?

I chanced upon a tweet by Neal’s Yard Remedies about a plastic free scrub, so I headed onto their site to check out their Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish (which sounds amazing by the way). On the page, they listed the product as being part of the good scrub guide. Intrigued, I did a quick google search and voila! looks like my days of searching for plastic free scrubs are finally over!


The Good Scrub Guide is an initiative by Fauna& Flora International, who are an international conservation charity. The lovely people at FFI have put together a list of plastic free scrubs that are available in the UK and in Australia, but lots of the brands that they have listed have stores worldwide. So next time you want to buy a face scrub, make sure you check their guide. The extra few seconds of effort is definitely worth it to save our lakes and oceans 🙂

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


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