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A Day in the Life:Nov 2014

Hello everyone!

This is my day in the life of post for the month of November for the link up hosted by musicalpoem. This was on Sunday the 16th of November, and is a fairly typical sunday during the semester: a mix of recharging and getting stuff done.

A Day in the Life: A Linkup by Break the Sky

12pm: Wake up after a nice long sleep. While I would have loved to stay in bed for longer, I didn’t want to waste any of my precious free time. So I get out of bed and make myself a hot chocolate.

Photo 16-11-2014 12 17 31

12.30pm: I settle down with my hot chocolate for a nice catch up of some blogs and youtube videos. They have been sadly neglected for the last month or two.Photo 16-11-2014 12 50 03

2.30pm: I know I have to be getting on with stuff, but I just goof around anyway. Then after a while I decide to make some egg fried rice for lunch.Photo 16-11-2014 14 54 43

Then it started to snow!!

Photo 16-11-2014 14 04 01

4pm: I finally get on with marking lab reports. This set was more tedious than usual as it involved having to check the weather and moon positions at various dates and times over the last month.

7pm: Still marking. I keep myself warm in our freezing cold study with my snuggly boots and extra jumper and a cup of tea.

11pm: I decide that if I continue marking I am going to go insane and decide to stop. Time for a nice pamper session! But first, I make myself a bowl of spicy maggi with a lot of peas: the ultimate comfort food for freezing cold nights.

Photo 16-11-2014 22 37 31


After food it was time for a nice long shower. My hair didn’t need washing, so I decided to take the time to exfoliate instead.

Photo 16-11-2014 23 36 24

And follow it up with some skincare: clay mask essential.

Photo 16-11-2014 23 59 48

12.30am: Time for bed, ready for another week.

What do you get up to on sundays?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


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