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Better than wipes.


Once in a blue moon I have an occasion to dress up nicely, put a decent amount of makeup on, spend 20 minutes trying to decide what shoes to wear and socialise. It’s almost always on these occasions that I come back really tired and wanting to fall straight into bed and not bother with the whole cleanse,tone and moisturise dance.

On lazy nights, lots of people pull out face wipes, sweep it around the face a few times and call it a night; but somehow I have never really found wipes to be effective at taking off a full face of makeup (however nice they may be for freshening up!) and still leave my face clean enough to sleep in. Enter the cleansing oil!


While I have been wanting to try out the Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil for a while, I saw this in the store and decided to pick it up on a whim. The Garnier Clean+ Nourishing Cleansing Oil is a mineral oil based makeup remover, but for $6 I’m not complaining.

As can be expected it is a fairly greasy oil, which is great for drier skins like mine and dissolves every last trace of makeup in a few seconds. It also has a fairly strong scent (which I happen to really like) and while it does emulsify on contact with water, I find it easier to wipe it off with a warm,damp flannel. Once off, it leaves my skin clean without stripping it or leaving a film.

On normal nights I would follow it up with a creamy cleanser and then the rest of my routine, but for the occasional “I can’t be bothered” nights, just this step will do.

Do you use cleansing oils?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


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