Work day essentials.

Hello everyone!

Now that the semester is well and truly underway I have realised just how busy my days are. While I do have three hour gaps between things, because of various factors I am out of my apartment from morning until quite late on certain days (8pm or even up to midnight in some cases because I teach astronomy.)

With my days getting a bit ridiculously long, apart from packing a boat load of food and drinks to keep me going during the day, I also pack an assortment of beauty/random items to keep me feeling fresh/awake and not like I’m about to murder the next person who asks me how to use their calculator.



Lip balm and hand cream are probably two of the most important things I need to have with me for a long day. Low humidity combined with harsh air conditioning and winter weather leads to dry skin rather quickly. My current picks are the Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine and a travel size tube of Soap and Glory Hand Food.

To look slightly more presentable late in the day, I have a small hair brush and a few hair ties along with the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot powder which is very handy for touch ups as it comes with a mirror. For a bit of a pick me up I have some mints, a mini of the Mario Badescu face spray (which feels so refreshing!) and best of all the Body Shop Total Energy Pulse Point Balm. The balm is scented with various citrus oils which makes it smell very uplifting, and really wakes me up when I’m starting to feel a bit groggy.

Once or twice a week, a friend and I head down to the university rec centre for a free yoga class. While the class is perfect for unwinding, it also leaves me feeling fairly sweaty, so I carry a small pack of wipes and a body mist from Bath and Body Works to freshen up afterwards.

Finally I have a small hand sanitizer (mainly for emergencies) and some plasters and painkillers and I’m set for the day. All of this fits comfortably in a pouch I picked up from Forever 21 and takes me through classes,teaching, yoga, salsa and impromptu dinners out with the department without looking too much like a scare crow :).

What essentials do you have to get you through the day?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


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