Why I bought the Lorac Pro Palette 2.

Hello everyone!

I was going to come up with a wittier title, but I’ve been extremely busy and my mind is on a quantum mechanics test I have tomorrow, so this will have to do 🙂

For a while now, I have been wanting a good eyeshadow palette that will contain most of the colours I need. I already have the Wet n Wild Comfort zone palette which has both brown and green shadows: the two colour schemes I use most often when it comes to eyeshadows. But sometimes I just feel like switching it up and the Urban Decay palettes appealed to me greatly.

BUT I bought the Lorac Pro Palette 2 instead. Why?

1.The Urban Decay palettes don’t have too much of a colour variation within the palettes. All browns, all taupes or all pink shades. I don’t have the expertise or the need for millions of subtly varying shades, and so I was on the lookout for more of a one does it all palette. The UD palettes have 12 shades while the Lorac palettes have 16.

2.Both have amazing quality. I have a few urban decay eyeliners, and they are some of the best I have ever tried. I have swatched some UD eyeshadows before and they were buttery soft and easily blendable.  I had no idea about the quality of the Lorac eyeshadows before I went into the store, but once I swatched a few, I was sold!

3. The Lorac palette was slightly cheaper at $42. (The UD palettes are $52 each). As for extras, the UD Naked 2 palette (which was the one I was considering) comes with a double ended brush, and the Lorac palettes come with a eyeshadow primer. I didn’t particularly need/want either, so that didn’t really affect my decision.

So overall for me, the Lorac Pro Palette 2 was the clear winner, and it came home with me last weekend!

Photo 08-09-2014 21 21 56

Please excuse the low quality of the above image. Better swatches can be found here.

I think this is quite a versatile palette as you could create a brown smokey eye( Lt.Brown and Cocoa), black smokey eye (Charcoal and black), a rose gold look (Nectar and Rose), not to mention some other interesting options with Jade,Plum and Navy (the last two would make great eyeliner shades, especially in autumn).

So overall I’m one happy bunny with my new purchase 🙂

Have you splashed out on anything recently?

Until next time, Love,Me 🙂


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