Bits and bobs..


You know sometimes you just want to do a bit of shopping, and buy a few things that you don’t REALLY need, but want to buy anyway? When I was in one of those moods I put together a little list of things I have had on my mind recently.

yFirst up, some pretty stationery. I have admired the lovely designs by Rifle Paper Co. and while I’ll happily buy their entire online store, the things that I really have my eye on are their journals. I am almost certain I’ll be picking up their travel journal before my next big trip. If I’m placing an order it wouldn’t hurt to add a regular floral journal for my everyday scribbles, and this little notepad for any list making.

I have been wanting this gorgeous phone case from iconemisis for absolutely ages now.It has a lovely muted pattern that is elegant and not too in your face. I have been getting by with a cheap $5 case because I just can’t bring myself to spend that much on a phone case, but I have a feeling I might give in to the temptation soon!

Now that I finally have a desk at home, I would love to keep a vase of fresh flowers on it at all times. But that can get expensive really fast, so an alternative would be to buy a vase of faux flowers. I haven’t actually been able to find any good ones yet, so if you have any recommendations for good quality, affordable faux flowers please let me know.

I am not a bit jewellery wearer apart from earrings and my Pandora bracelet. But lately I have been feeling the need for a simple silver necklace for dressier occasions. This small silver leaf pendant from etsy looks like it could be just the ticket. While browsing along for jewellery, I came across this constellation mug.(I’m not quite sure how that happened either!) They only do the zodiac constellations, so I can’t order anything too fancy, but it would make a great birthday present!

A few more people might be joining our gaming group, and we are running short of dice. While looking at various dice packs I saw this pack of gold dice. Unfortunately it was sold out on the website, but amazon has similar here. $35 for a pack of dice is ridiculous but they look so gorgeous!

And finally a pouch. Yes, I know I have loads of them already, but this one would be a great for keeping a few beauty bits in my office desk as I will be spending many long hours there this semester. This one is perfect, as it is exactly what I like to do on road trips.

What have you been eyeing up recently?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bits and bobs..

  1. Is it bad if I say I’m eyeing make-up? Hahaha. I don’t know yet. I want to swatch some more before I buy. But I think I found a MLBB (My Lips But Better) Lipstick with Maybelline’s Color Whisper in Made It Mauve.

    • I’ve been eyeing up makeup too! I don’t really need more, but I’ve spotted gaps in what I have (an eyeshadow palette, a red lipstick etc) Swatching is definitely the way to go before buying I think 🙂

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