Hello everyone!

Anyone who knows me knows that I get itchy feet WAY too often. Seeing that I am going to be living in the USA for a little over four years, I thought I would share a list of places I really want to visit during my time here. This pinterest style post was inspires by the lovely AsianPear.

Starting with Arizona, I have been to the Grand Canyon previously, but I would love to go back and spend more time exploring.

While most people seem to love the Grand Canyon, personally I am more fascinated by the Antelope Canyon. This is the main reason I want to go back to Arizona.

And how can I not go visit the Barringer crater?

Hawaii is another state I have on my list. Usually I’m not a beach person, but just look at how gorgeous they look!!

I can’t go to Hawaii and not visit Mauna Kea…

Naturally some big cities are on my list…

But so are some of these national parks with breathtaking views..

Finally to finish it off, Alaska! What I would really love is to visit once in the spring/summer for the greenery, flowers and the Salmon run; and once in the winter for the snow, glaciers and the Aurora Borealis!

You can check out my travel inspiration board here. What are the places you want to visit soon?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂



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