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A Day in the Life:Aug 13th 2014.

Hello everyone!

Here is my next post for the link up hosted by Amanda of musicalpoem (formerly Breakthesky). Warning: This is a pretty boring day as it was a monday :/.

A Day in the Life: A Linkup by Break the Sky

8.30am: Wake up feeling extremely sleepy (as always). Stumble out of bed, get ready and head to the department.

9am: I catch up on emails and a few blog posts, and then it’s time to get coding! My task for the day was to go over some stuff I had done previously to make sure it was fine, pretty up some graphs and write some new codes.

Photo 11-08-2014 11 36 19

11.30am: Done with the work. I was really hoping to talk with my supervisor, but he still wasn’t back from a conference. Next up, working out exposure times for an observing trip I am going on later in the month. This is my first time doing it, so I am rather clueless.I have a talk with the post doc in charge of the trip about the technical details, and I know what I’m doing now (sort of).

1.45pm: I am starving by this point, so time for a lunch break. I had made a pesto ricotta pasta salad the previous night, so I packed the leftovers from lunch. It doesn’t look particularly appetising, but it was yummy!

Photo 11-08-2014 13 46 02

3pm: After doing lots of reading trying to figure stuff out, I think I might have the exposure times worked out. My brain is starting to go a bit by this point. Enter, a few essentials to perk me up a bit.

Photo 11-08-2014 16 11 095pm: Back home! I make myself a nice cup of tea and relax for a bit.

7pm: Extreme boredom sets in. I amuse myself on the internet for a bit, trying to find some new beauty blogs to read. Having nothing better to do, I hand washed some delicates in the sink, and then washed the majority of my brushes. There were a fair few, and my palm was pretty sore by the end of it all. I have another cup of tea.

Photo 12-08-2014 08 23 51

9pm: I lay on the carpet for a while, contemplating life. I fall asleep. Apparently my life is pretty dull at the moment.

9.45pm: I wake up and I’m feeling pretty bored/grumpy again. But since the Perseid meteor shower is peaking, we drive out a bit to find a good spot to stargaze. Unfortunately, there is a LOT of cloud cover. (In Lubbock!) but the moon looked really bright. I wanted to try out my skills at photography, but by the time I got back to the apartment the moon had also disappeared behind the clouds.

11pm: We decide to order pizza! Dominos was the only place open at this time, and I got a pineapple and olive pizza. We eat while watching an episode of Friends.

Photo 11-08-2014 23 31 57

11.45pm: I looked out again, and this time the moon was out! After a few failed attempts, I managed to take a good one. For those wondering, I used my Canon 1100D with a 55-250mm lens.

IMG_436612.30am: Time for a hot shower and then to bed air mattress 🙂

So that was my (fairly boring) day. Don’t worry though, I have something extra special planned for next month. (Ooooh suspense!)

What was your day like?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life:Aug 13th 2014.

  1. Oooh. Nice supermoon picture. I had to go to bed early so I saw it but not as high. Also, I only had my iphone so no nice picture as you have.

    On a side note, did you get to see the meteor shower on Tuesday? Toronto was raining so the sky was hidden with clouds. Sad. 😦

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