Packing light: Overnight trip.

Hello everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a road trip to Dallas with the sole purpose of visiting Ikea to furnish my entire apartment. Not owning a pick up truck, (I know, I bring shame to all things Texan) and having to bring back a dining table, four chairs and any home decor product that caught my eye (aka all of them!) meant that I had to pack everything for my trip in a large handbag which could sit by my feet in the footwell. Luckily it was only an overnight trip, and the above was easily managed.

For clothes I packed a pair of lightweight pyjamas and a fresh top in a mesh bag to prevent it flying all around my bag.


Skincare I tried to keep very simple, and packed any samples I had lying around. While I’m usually not in favour of wipes for everyday use, they are brilliant for travel. For properly cleaning my face I packed a sample of an Origins face scrub I have been wanting to try for a while and followed that up with another sample, a REN frankincense night cream. Just in case I needed it, I brought along my Body Shop tea tree oil blemish gel.

For the shower, Sephora do these cute little shower gel pods which I picked up on a whim, and it worked perfectly. For the morning, I packed  samples of the REN cleansing gel and the Caudalie moisturising sorbet. (The latter is so good I might end up buying the full size.) Also can’t forget the sunscreen! Add in toothbrush,paste & contact solution and I’m good to go. Note: I didn’t pack any shampoo or conditioner because it was just an overnight trip. I did end up needing to wash my hair, but the hotel had some which did the job.


Most days I just dab a bit of concealer on where it’s needed, set with powder and I’m done. Since I had my usual handbag with me, which already contains my face spray,powder and lip crayon, I just packed a Maybelline concealer and a retractable brush to use with the powder. As extras I threw in a Rimmel eyeshadow stick which is ridiculously easy to swipe on and blend with fingers and a roll-on Diptique perfume. And yes, everything fit nicely into that small bag.

My other road trip essentials included sunglasses,plenty of water and snacks, and of course a Dresden Files audiobook for entertainment.

Oh, and a camera to capture the gorgeous sunsets!

Oh, and a camera to capture the gorgeous sunsets!

How much do you pack for overnight trips?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


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