More thoughts on moving.

Hello everyone,

Over the last 5 years I have moved over 6 times, with 2 international moves. Granted, none of these were full scale moves involving furniture and washing machines, but one would think I have most situations covered by now.

Apparently not.

So here is some more practical advice for last minute,short distance moves, courtesy of my latest move.


1. Check the end date on your lease: Seems completely obvious doesn’t it? But double and triple check it, lest you be caught unawares. Not all leases expire at the end of the month. (Seriously? Ending the lease on the 27th? What were they thinking?!!) So unless you want to have your landlord knocking on the door at 8am asking why you didn’t move out the day before, (true story!) better safe than sorry.

2. Suitcases are your best friends: Since my move was within the same city, I packed up any suitcases/duffel bags I had, filled up the car, drove to the new apartment and unpacked everything there. Rinse and repeat. It took around ten trips to get everything moved, and I didn’t have to faff about with boxes and packing tape.

3.Unpack as you go along: Instead of dumping everything out of the suitcase onto the floor, whenever possible I put things away in places they should roughly go anyway. Pots and pans in the kitchen cupboards, anything office related in the spare room and so on. This saves having to put things away twice, and makes finding stuff later a breeze.

4. Be prepared to think on your feet: No bubble wrap? Use towels instead. Not enough towels? I used plastic grocery bags to wrap mugs and carried them in my lap in the car instead. When doing things in a hurry, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to work.

5. Importance of an overnight bag: Pack your absolute essentials in a separate bag, away from all the chaos. That way your phone charger, pyjamas and toothbrush are accessible and you won’t have to throw a tantrum because you are exhausted from the move and just want to go to bed.

6. Get back into routine ASAP: Moving can throw everything into chaos mode and any semblance of routine goes out of the window. Set up your sleeping area, hang up the towels and make/order in dinner. Take twenty minutes out of your hectic schedule to have a meal. Follow that with a hot shower and a good nights sleep and you will be ready to tackle the mess again.

There you go! The basic tips that kept me sane during an insane moving period. In 24 hours everything was moved from the old apartment to the new, the old apartment cleaned and keys handed over, with a functional new apartment (including internet!). This calls for a celebratory dinner me thinks!

Have you had a crazy moving experience?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


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