What’s cooking?

Hello everyone!

One of the most asked questions from my friends and family regarding living abroad without family, especially when they learn I am not in catered student accommodation is “But then, what do you cook?” If I had a dollar for every time I was asked that, I would probably be able to order more take out meals!

Especially during term time, juggling taking classes, tacking classes, homework and research doesn’t leave me with much leisure time for cooking, so help other people out in similar situations, here are five simple meals that all take less than 20 minutes. Note that all the following recipes are vegetarian, but most of them can easily be adapted by adding a bit of meat if you prefer.


1. Egg Fried Rice: Perfect if you have leftover rice. If not, cook a cup of rice with two cups of water. While the rice is cooking, chop up half an onion and 2 pods of garlic. When the rice is done, fry the onions and garlic in some olive oil and crack 3 large eggs into the mix and stir. When the eggs start cooking, add the rice along with a pinch of chilli powder and a dash of soy sauce and mix everything together. Tuck in.

2.Stir Fry: Boil a pack of noodles, drain and set aside. Slice up a bell pepper, half a red onion and some broccoli with salt,freshly ground pepper and soy sauce. Add the noodles along with some roasted peanuts, mix well and serve.

3. Spicy Quesadilla: On one half of a tortilla, spread a generous layer of grated cheese followed by a layer of chopped onions and peppers and finish of with another layer of cheese. Sprinkle with chilli flakes. Fold the other half of tortilla and brown both sides until the cheese melts.

4.Pasta with Tomato Sauce:  This usually takes a bit longer, and this is perfect for making a large batch and freezing. Peel and core tomatoes and simmer with half a chopped onion,chopped garlic,salt,pepper and basil(preferably fresh, but dried works as well). Cook for about 20 minutes until it’s bright red, and puree with a blender.Mix with freshly cooked pasta and serve with garlic bread.

5.Rice Salad: Cook a cup of rice and let it cool. Mix with half a cup of cooked green peas and half a cup of sweet corn. Sprinkle in some lemon juice, chilli powder and pepper.This is perfect for warm,lazy days!

What are your go to meals?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂



2 thoughts on “What’s cooking?

  1. Lately my go-to meal is toast with guacamole (or hummus) + a vegetable (like cucumber, spinach or tomato) and then a poached egg. It’s delicious and quick.

    I also tend to make a big pot of SOMETHING on Sundays that’ll last me throughout the week for quick meals.

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