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A Day in the Life:July 10th 2014

Hello everyone!

This is my post for the month of July for the link up hosted by Amanda of Break the Sky.

A Day in the Life: A Linkup by Break the Sky

10am: I wake up rather bleary eyed after a measly 5 hours of sleep.My sleep schedule is rather muddled up at the moment but I have a lot to get done today, so rise and shine it is. *grumpy face*

10.05am: Jump into shower to properly wake up, jump out, get very suspicious because I managed to get my contact lenses in properly on the first try, get dressed.

10.40am: Head into the department to borrow our friends car for the day (because she is lovely!) and head to the grocery store to pick up a few essentials.

Photo 10-07-2014 11 16 20

including peppers!

12.00pm: Come back to apartment, put away the shopping and then walked down to the bank to withdraw cash so that we could get…

Deliciousness that is a Subway sandwich!

Deliciousness that is a Subway sandwich!

12.30pm: Eat our sandwiches while watching an episode of Dad’s Army. After this, BF, who got no sleep at all, decided to take a nap so that he wouldn’t crash the car driving around. While a sensible person would have gotten some work done, I decided to goof off instead.

3.30pm: Having finally rousted BF out of bed, we get started on our main mission for the day: Apartment viewings. We had shortlisted 5 to go have a look around. One had no flats available at the moment; one looked rather run down from the outside, so we decided not to go in and the third was a nice but rather cramped apartment. The fourth and fifth were both really nice ones, and now we have to decide between those two.

5.30pm: After we finished the apartment viewings, we drive back to the department to return the car to our friend. I wanted to pick up a few things from CVS and drop off some clothes for donation, but unfortunately we were running late and these things had to be skipped.

6.15pm: Back to the apartment! After a bit of discussion we decided that the only way to decide which apartment to choose is by making a pros and cons list HIMYM style. BF decides to go in for second nap of the day. (This is why I love academia!)

7.15pm: I suddenly feel incredibly tired. I wash my hair in a nice warm shower to make myself feel better. It works!

7.45pm: I tweak a bit of my code for work (which usually takes a while to run), and set it off to run on the University server. Astronomers rarely look through telescopes (for serious work) anymore. It’s usually staring at screens that look like this for extended periods of time.

Photo 10-07-2014 20 33 22


8.00pm: Cooking time! Ever since having a Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher when I was in Vegas, I have been thinking about it. So during my earlier grocery shop I picked up the ingredients to make it myself at home, following this recipe.

Photo 10-07-2014 20 06 40

The first step. The infused water should be ready by tomorrow.

The first step. The infused water should be ready by tomorrow.

8.30pm: A few weeks ago my mum sent me a care package with some instant idli mix and a microwavable vessel to cook them in. I thought I would try them out now. So I mixed the batter, let it sit for a while and set it off to cook. I also make some instant sambar to go with it.

9.00pm: Idlis are ready! Now I can explain that idlis are fluffy rice pancakes, but that wouldn’t do it any justice. Try to hunt out a place to get them if you can. Now I go wake up BF with hot idlis because I am nice like that.

Photo 10-07-2014 21 06 46

Yum! It’s not as good as the traditionally made ones, but it’s still pretty decent.

10pm: We watch another episode of Dad’s Army, and I nearly kill myself laughing. Standard. After this, I read my book for a bit and then write up this blog post.

1am: Bedtime!

What was your day like?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


6 thoughts on “A Day in the Life:July 10th 2014

  1. Sounds like a busy day, with the house viewings, do you just go to buildings and see what they have available or they put them up for rent? Sounds like a strange system 🙂

    What do astronomers use the code for/how do they use it? Sounds interesting 🙂

    • Usually the apartments list they types of flats they offer and you contact them to see which ones are available at the moment.

      Astronomers use code for a whole bunch of things, but in this case I was using it to figure out the density of stars in various parts of our galaxy 🙂

    • Idlis are savoury but rather bland as its juts steamed rice flour. They are usually had with chutneys to add some flavour. It’s odd that you would find them in bakeries though; maybe it is something that looks similar?

      • They’re Indian/East Asian bakeries. Also when I say “bakeries” I mean it loosely… The ones over here also sell roti, naan, samosas, mutton rolls, Indian sweets, gulab jamun, fresh jalebi, etc. Not to mention miscellaneous take-out curries and whatnot. (I live in a very Asian area of Toronto, heh.)

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