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Travel Review: Las Vegas

Hello everyone!

Even for someone like me, who isn’t really into drinking/gambling/partying, Las Vegas is a city that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetimes. So what is actually there to see and do out here? Well, read on!

Firstly the basics, most of the modern attractions in Vegas are associated with the big hotels that lie along a roughly 6.5km stretch known as the Strip. A word of warning, though it looks like the hotels are really close together,it does take ages to walk even a couple of hotels down, especially in the heat.


The famous sign. Fun fact:The sign was gifted to the city, and has no copyrights attached to it!

We stayed at the Caesars Palace when we visited, and it was absolutely gorgeous!


The Caesars Palace has a huge mall full of designer stores known as the Forum Mall. Despite loving the shopping, the highlight for me was the replica of the famous Trevi Fountain. It’s a smaller version of course, but gorgeous nonetheless.


Most of the hotels have a theme they are built around, and the attractions revolve around these themes. The Parisian is built based on French architecture, and has a replica Eiffel tower that is half the size of the original.


The Venetian, as the name suggests, has replicas of Venetian landmarks including a small canal where you can ride gondolas.


Moving further down the strip, The Luxor has the famous Obelisk and elements of the Luxor Temple, with a pyramid and Sphinx thrown in for good measure.


The Mandalay Bay is yet another luxury hotel at the end of the strip, with its windows coated in actual gold leaf! The main attraction at the hotel is the Shark Reef Aquarium, featuring actual sharks.


For a birds eye view of the city, the High Roller is the world tallest observation wheel situated right in the middle of the strip. It just doesn’t look as impressive at first glance because it’s surrounded by such tall buildings.


Moving away from the strip, downtown Las Vegas also has a few attractions that are worth checking out. The most obvious and (for me) one of the most enjoyable was the Mob Museum, where you learn about the history of the various mobsters in the area.

Can't get over his amazing costume!

Can’t get over his amazing costume!


Another interesting museum Vegas is the Atomic Testing Museum. The Nevada Test Site  is about 70 miles away from the city, where overground testing of nuclear bombs carried on until the early 1960s before the testing was moved underground due to the Limited Test Ban Treaty. When we were visiting, an Area 51 exhibit was also open, which some might find interesting.



Nightlife in Vegas is something you just cannot miss. Even if you don’t want to party the night away, there is plenty to enjoy. The Fremont Street Experience is a major night time attraction in downtown Vegas. Cheap and cheerful food, plenty of street artists (including Elvis impersonators) and the famous (and free!) Viva Vision light show all make for an enjoyable hour or two.


Other free shows that are rather entertaining are the dancing fountains at Bellagio, where the fountains light up and appear to dance in tune with the background music, and the Volcano show at The Mirage.

The fountains of Bellagio.

The fountains of Bellagio.

The hourly volcano eruption.

The hourly volcano eruption.

Various hotels are also home to the world famous Cirque de Soleil shows, and it is worth looking around for deals and discounts before you buy the tickets.

For a change in scenery, the Hoover Dam makes for a very nice day trip. It’s roughly 2 hour drive, and there are various tour companies that offer these tours.



And there you have it! A round up of some of my favourite spots in Las Vegas. Have you been there? What were your favourite bits?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂

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