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A Day in the Life:June 16th 2014

Hello everyone!

Here is my next post for the link up hosted by Amanda of Break The Sky. I missed the one for May as I was rather busy, but I’m back!

A Day in the Life: A Linkup by Break the Sky

10am: As usual, press snooze. But only once today, as I have a meeting at 11am. I have a banana for breakfast and head out.

Walking on campus.

Walking on campus.


12pm: I finish my meeting and head back to the apartment. I lounge for a little bit and then filled out tax forms for the bank. Oh the glamour! I also responded to a few emails and checked off a few things on my to do list.

1.30pm: I feel a bit peckish, so I have a bagel with nutella. Num.

Photo 16-06-2014 14 21 31


2pm: While I usually go into my office for work, the professor I do research for is away on a conference this week. So I did work at home instead. I spent a couple of hours trying to get a model for inter stellar extinction in the galaxy.

4pm: A package we received a while ago arrived damaged, so today we decided to take it to the UPS office to return to Amazon. We drive there, but because of some paperwork, the people at the office say they cannot accept it, but we can call UPS to arrange a pick up. Don’t you just love paperwork?

Photo 16-06-2014 16 06 13

5.30pm: We get back home, and I call UPS. After being on hold for a while, I was told I had to arrange Amazon to send us a shipping label because they were the original shippers. Grump.

6pm: I was feeling a bit grumpy, so I read a book. After that I internet for a while and then write up and schedule another blog post. We had planned to go to a drive in movie theatre later tonight, but because BF had some work to do, we decided to do it tomorrow instead. I internet some more while the USA vs Ghana football match plays in the background. USA won, in case you were wondering.

8.30pm: BF felt bad for making postponing the movie so he said he would make dinner. I was planning on having channa masala. He opened the packet and microwaved it and everything! He also managed to cook the rice.

Photo 16-06-2014 20 54 18


10.30pm: Oreo milkshake time!! Along with some funny youtube videos. A bit of faffing about later, time for bed!

Photo 16-06-2014 22 15 05

And that was my day! How did you spend your day?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂



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