A Brush Wash

Hello everyone!

Washing makeup brushes is something I had never thought of until I actually started using makeup brushes. For some reason I never thought of it, despite the fact that I clean my hair brushes (semi) regularly. My first proper set of brushes was the Real Techniques Core Collection, since it had great reviews and didn’t break the bank. Within two weeks, my buffing brush was clearly covered in BB cream and at around the same time I read a blog post about washing makeup brushes. *Lightbulb!!* Why had that never occurred to me? This was made all the more weird by the fact that I had never seen/heard of any of my friends washing their brushes. So, for the sake of all our faces, here is a quick summary of how I clean my brushes.

1. Set aside about 10/15 minutes and gather up all brushes in need of a good clean.

Photo 20-03-2014 15 08 51

2.Pick up your choice of brush cleaner. I find that the Dr.Bronners soap works very well. A shampoo/baby shampoo/mild hand soap will work equally as well.

3. Wet the bristles of the brush, pour a few drops of the soap into the palm of your hand, swirl the brush around in the soap till you can vaguely recap your last weeks makeup choices.

4. Rinse the brush under a running tap, making sure that the brush head is pointing down. Though I don’t have any personal experience with this, I have heard that if water gets into the base of the bristles, it could loosen the glue holding the bristles to the handle, making them fall out. I maybe a bit paranoid but I have never had any problems with the bristles falling out.

Photo 20-03-2014 15 10 59

5. Gently squeeze the bristles dry, reshape the bristles into its rough original shape and lay out to dry over the edge of the sink. (Or windowsill or table or anywhere it won’t get knocked over) I hang them over the edge so that they don’t dry with one side all flattened out.

6.Repeat for all other brushes while wondering when self cleaning brushes are going to be invented.

Photo 20-03-2014 15 20 55


I usually do this deep clean of my brushes every 1 or 2 weeks depending on how much I use them. Also with eyes brushes if you change up your shades between days, a quick way to clean them between uses is to pour a little bit of makeup remover (like Bioderma, any eye makeup remover) into a paper towel and swirl it around until the bulk of the colour is out.

I hope that was useful! How do you wash your brushes?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


One thought on “A Brush Wash

  1. I deep-wash once a month because I very rarely put make-up even on but I do spot cleaning every time I use them. I basically just use shampoo and wash like you. Then I let them lay on a towel.

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