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A Day in the Life: Feb 7th 2014.

Hello there!

A Day in the Life: A Linkup by Break the Sky

Since I moved to Lubbock, I thought I would do a “day in the life of” posts, where I show you snippets of my daily (very exciting) life. So when I saw Amanda from Break the Sky host a link up, I jumped at the chance. So here is what friday was like for me.

7am: I am rudely awakened by my alarm. Grumbling, I get out of bed and start getting ready. I had made an extra quesadilla the night before to serve as breakfast for today. I have a couple of angry blemishes, and not wanting to scare anyone I try to slap some makeup on before I leave. It’s also -9C outside, so I wrap up warm for the walk.

Photo 07-02-2014 23 49 54

8am: I am teaching for the next two hours (those poor undergrads). The class I teach involves writing out a couple of physics questions on the whiteboard and letting them solve it while I walk around helping them out. When the time is up, I discuss the answers with the class. This class is an opportunity to put to use the concepts they have learnt in lectures.

10am: Teaching done, I have an hour to kill before my next class. I head to the students union building to get myself a hot chocolate and settle down to read a few research papers I have been assigned to read.

Photo 07-02-2014 10 40 50

11am: Class on stellar astrophysics. One of my favourite classes, and today we learnt about the various interactions between light and matter inside stars. FYI Taking the following picture required quite a bit of stealth.

Photo 07-02-2014 11 18 01

11:45am : My class finished slightly early, so I have time to hand over my social security details to the lovely lady at the office so that I can actually get paid.

12pm: Meeting for Teaching Assistants. We go over the questions to be discussed in next weeks class.

12.45pm: My meeting also finishes early, and I am done for the day! My proper debit card finally arrived in the mail a few days ago, so I walk to the bank on my way back home to activate my card.

1.30pm: Starting to feel a bit hungry now, so I make myself a mexican bean and corn salad for lunch, along with a cup of tea.Photo 07-02-2014 13 42 22

3pm: I really should do some work, but in order to procrastinate I decide to clean the kitchen instead. Yay for gleaming counter tops!

Photo 07-02-2014 16 08 53

4pm: I settle down to read my book: White Night from the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. It’s about a wizard named Harry Dresden in Chicago. Go read the books now, because they are amazing.

Photo 07-02-2014 17 13 03

5.30pm: Still reading, but I am feeling a bit peckish, so I have some cheese and crackers as a snack, with some peri-peri salt sprinkled on top. Photo 07-02-2014 16 52 10

6pm: There has been a cold going around the physics department, and while I am not down with it, I am clearly trying to fight it off. My excuse for a spontaneous nap!

8.45pm: Wake up with a start, realise I have had a nap, and have some of the salad from lunch as dinner. Read some more.

10.30pm: Decide that having a nice warm bath sounds like a good idea.

Photo 07-02-2014 22 04 46

11.15pm: Make myself a warm, milky drink; snuggle up with my fuzzy throw on the sofa, and read some more. (It’s a great book!)

Photo 07-02-2014 23 54 56

12am: Face mask time! The Honey and Oat 3 in 1 scrub mask from The Body Shop is a lovely, gentle mask, and I feel my face could do with some hydration. I slap it on, and watch you tube videos for 10 minutes while the mask dries.Photo 07-02-2014 23 52 25

1 am: Bed time!

And there you have it! A fairly busy morning and a lazy friday night. What’s your typical day like?

If you have a blog and would like to participate in the link up, you have find more information here.

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


16 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Feb 7th 2014.

    • Yes, I am currently doing a PhD in astrophysics, and as part of my contract I teach courses. In addition I also have to take classes and do research for credit. Stellar astrophysics is essentially learning what goes on inside stars 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I came across your blog from the linkup 🙂

    It’s quite amusing how I have noticed a few people in the linkup mention not being able to take photos at work and things like that. I did a similar linkup a while ago and I definitely felt weird taking photos at my desk so I waited until everyone had gone to lunch. xD

    Those cheese and crackers look delicious. Then again, I am a sucker for cheese. The drink looks really tasty too. 🙂

    • Yes, I can imagine it being really awkward trying to take a picture at a meeting 🙂 I absolutely love cheese as well, so it makes a great snack for me. The drink is actually a health drink I used to have when I was a kid called Complan, that I still drink because it tastes so good 🙂 And thanks for stopping by!

    • It’s really nice and soothing on your face, especially if it’s feeling a bit dry/irritated. But it’s not one of those clay masks that will draw all the gunk out, its more of a hydrating/brightening masks 🙂

  2. Ooh, I never thought about putting a herbs or seasoning onto cheese and crackers. sounds like a good idea!
    I also like the look of your bath, seems deep and luxurious! I hope you didn’t end up getting the cold.

    • This is actually the first time I have done it! It was a spur of the moment thing.
      The bath is nice, but it’s slightly too long for me(aka I am too short), so I end up sliding down the bath most of the time 🙂 And so far it looks like I have managed to avoid the cold!

  3. “rudely awakened by my alarm”… haha, I love that!
    Aww, I miss baths. We only have a shower.

    I love The Body Shop products, but I wish they weren’t so expensive! I usually buy them just after Christmas when they’re on sale 😉

    • Happens every morning 😀 I love the body shop products too, and I find that it’s worth signing up for the card and the newsletter, as I end up saving loads of money that way. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I pretty much think your Friday night was awesome! I love how you listened to what you told yourself you wanted to do, and it did it. Sounds like a heavenly way to spend an evening and I wish more of my evenings were like that!

    I am linking up over at carolinejaysnowden.blogspot.com, but I also have a WordPress account, and that’s what I’m using to comment with, since you’re on WordPress here!

  5. Peri-peri salt is a genius idea to add a little pizzazz to cheese and crackers! I’ll have to remember that next time I hit up the grocery store.

    I love The Body Shop masks! I had the seaweed clay one which I really liked except for the fact that it dried up before I used it all. I have the mineral warming one currently and it’s most excellent.

    • Thanks! It was just in front of me and I thought “Why not?” and it turned out really well 🙂

      While I use a lot of body shop products, this is actually my first mask, and I really like it. Might have to try out the mineral one.

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