Thoughts / Update

Notes from Lubbock

Hello everyone,

As I am settling in, I thought I would share a few quick notes on life here.Some of these are specific to Lubbock, and some are for the US in general.

Bright but cold.

Bright but cold.

1.Everything IS bigger in Texas.

2.It is very windy and very dry. I don’t even know why I brush my hair before I go out anymore. And never leave home without lip balm.

3.People here are very friendly.

4.You pay for incoming calls, even when you are not roaming :/.

5. It has been very cold here recently. Walking to an 8am lecture when its -14C outside is not fun. (No, I still haven’t gotten my head around to thinking in Fahrenheit.)



6.You need a car to survive. Walking 40 minutes to get to the post office is not very time efficient.

7.The buses are few and far between.

8. Most people seem to love my semi-British accent.

9.The licence plate game is fun. (Aside: people from Alaska, Hawaii etc. feel free to drive around here please)


Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


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