Apartment Talk

Hello everyone!

As I have mentioned countless times already, I’ll be making a transatlantic move early next year for my PhD. While this includes a lot of boring things like visa paperwork, shipping things and signing leases; I am quite excited about decorating and furnishing my new apartment. I can’t go too crazy on this since it is being rented (so no painting walls, hammering nails in etc.) and it is furnished as well, saving me the hassle of trying to find suitable furniture after getting straight off a plane.

While I would like to act like an aspiring interior decorator, reality dictates that I have a practical place which is cozy without me having to spend too much time or money on it. And even though Pinterest makes me want to paint everything in sight white at times, I have decided on a grey and yellow colour scheme to keep things classy and not too drab.



The main points of my home decor 101 are as follows:

  • Simple but nice. Not too many trinkets, but a nice candle (I am partial to NEOM ones), some fresh flowers and a bright cushion or two can make the place look brighter.
  • Natural. Using natural materials such as water hyacinth laundry hamper, a woollen throw and a lamp inspired by branches seem a lot nicer than flimsy plasticky stuff.
  • Start with the essentials. One basic set of pots and pans. Enough plates,glasses and cutlery for 4 people (enough for me and a few guests) and two sets of towels and sheets (one for use and one spare) and so on. Buy things depending on your own needs, not because some website deems it essential. I highly doubt I’ll need cocktail shakers for when I have company. I do, however, need a good blender for making brownies and hummus.
  • Make it personal. However nice it might look, I don’t want my apartment looking like an IKEA exhibit. A framed Doctor Who poster and a wall collage of postcards from my travels make it unique and personal.

I also have a Pinterest board dedicated to yellow and grey apartment decor that you can check out here.

How would you decorate your apartment?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


4 thoughts on “Apartment Talk

  1. Just reading this excites me. Personally, I didn’t really spend time decorating my apartment when I first moved into Hyderabad — I ended up spending long hours at work (which I didn’t mind) and didn’t really spend a lot of time home since I was just hopping between work and outings. Hopefully, that’ll change soon and I’ll spend time doing some Home Improvement. 😉

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