Moving Series Part 4: Packing Day!


Now that all the prep work had been done, all that is left the packing itself. Piece of cake right?? I find that the easiest way is to knuckle down and do the bulk of the packing in one day. Make sure this day is at least 2 days before your actual move date to give yourself some wiggle room incase you can’t manage it all in a day.

1. Room in a box: If you start arranging everything item wise in a box, you are going to be there all week. (Not to mention putting all your books in one box is a VERY bad idea). Pack all your desk/office stuff together, and your kitchen stuff together and so on. This also makes unpacking at the other end much more efficient.

2. Break time: Small and regular breaks are better than one long one. Keep plenty of water and some high energy snacks to keep you going. Blast your favourite peppy tunes from your phone. Keeping yourself (to the extent possible) happy is the key to getting stuff done.

3. Paperwork: Don’t pack away the lease for your new house with your files! Keep your insurance papers, any papers from the letting agents, packing inventory etc. in a “Moving” file, along with some form of ID and a good pen.

4.Pack last, Unpack first: Similar to your personal suitcase, fill a box with supplies you will need as soon as you get to your new place such as a set of clean sheets, kettle and paper towels. This way, even if you don’t get Box 12 unpacked on your first day, you will still be able to enjoy a cup of tea.

5. Last minute: Once you think everything is done, have a friend come over and check the empty house. I am so thankful I did this, because my friend found my camping mattress under my bed! Having a fresh pair of eyes looking over things means fewer mistakes are made.

Now you are ready to move into your shiny new home. (Unpacking however is a whole other kettle of fish!!) Have fun!!

Until Next Time, Love, Me 🙂

PS: Catch up here on Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Part 4 concludes the Moving series.


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