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Moving Series Part 2: A bit closer

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the second part of my moving series where I share what I have learnt from 4 years of moving from room to room in halls as I gear up for a transatlantic move this time round!

Catch up on Part 1 of the series here.

So you have been good and purging stuff (or not!) and moving day is creeping closer. You may have even booked your flight/rented a van for the big day. But your house is as full of stuff as ever. What now??

1. The essentials: Tell your bank, letting agents, phone and internet provider etc that you are moving at least a month in advance. Especially if you are on a long term contract. The sooner the better.

2. The back up: Your phone provider (or whoever) was a bit too quick, and now you are stuck with no way of calling your nearest and dearest. Keep a pay as you go sim card/ internet dongle ready for such eventualities. If you are moving within the same country, these might also be of help when you are still getting the services set up on the other side.

3.The supplies: Now it sinks in. Yikes! You are moving! To keep the packing process as smooth as possible, gather things you will need before you start packing things away. This includes boxes,packing tape,bubble wrap, scissors dedicated to the purpose,markers and any other special equipment you think you may need.

4. Use stuff up: You probably won’t want to transport battered cans of potatoes or half empty bottles of shampoo. Try to use these up so you won’t have to pay to transport them halfway across the world only to realise that those tinned beans are out of date.

5. Start packing up!:Start with the things that you don’t use on a daily basis first. Always cross tape the bottom of the boxes for increased structural support, and don’t put all your books in one box. Since I am moving in summer, I packed away all my winter clothes first. If you are moving in 6 months, or live in the southern hemisphere, start by putting away the shorts and sandals. Non essentials like decorations should also be packed up first, so that you don’t leave your favourite Dr.Who poster on the wall when you move out.

6. Be Organised: This may seem quite unnecessary when you are packing away, but keep an inventory on what is in each box, and number the boxes clearly. It may tempting to just dump it all in bin bags (especially when you are rushing around on moving out day from halls of residence) but you’ll be singing a different tune when you are trying to remember if Mr.Floppy Ears is in Box 2 or Box 73. (Aside: You boxed him up? You heartless beast! )

Stay tuned for Part 3!!

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


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