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Moving series Part 1: Thinking ahead.

Hello everyone!

As I have previously mentioned, in the next two weeks I will be packing up everything I own into cardboard boxes for a transatlantic hop. And nor am I the only one; with graduation behind us, many of my friends are (once again) relocating to various corners of the Earth. So what better time to write about the whole experience? Over the next few weeks I will be posting a series full of tips and tricks to stay sane while juggling markers,packing tape and farewell meals, so bookmark this page (or follow me!) if you are moving or sit back and be amused at my struggles if you are not 🙂

1. Shop less: “WHAT? But I need boxes, bags and what not!” I hear you think. While that is true, do you need a new coffee table or stock up on salon size bottles of shampoo 5 days before you move? It may seem obvious, but even the little things add up. If you are moving to a different country/continent also consider weather/legal restrictions etc. Since I will be moving to sunny Texas from cold and wet England I stopped myself from buying any new winter clothes last season thinking “I am only here for a year anyway.” And I am so glad I did that right now.

2. Swap time: If like me, you know ahead that you will only need furniture etc. for a year, consider borrowing it from friends or relatives for that period of time. This will save you money when you move in, and a lot of trouble when you are moving out. I was exceptionally lucky because the one year I needed furniture was the year my friend did a year abroad. I didn’t have to buy a desk and he didn’t have to find a place to store it!

3. Spring clean: At the end of every season before you move (if you know ahead) go through all your clothes, shoes, accessories and sell/donate/throw away everything you don’t want/need. Be harsh with yourself and if you find you yourself wanting to keep everything, ask yourself ” Do I like it enough to pay to ship it all the way to XYZ??”

Stay tuned for Part 2: A bit closer.

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Moving series Part 1: Thinking ahead.

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