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All done.

Hello everyone!!

As I have mentioned before, I am preparing/packing up for a move. Moving is stressful enough by itself, but my move happens to be slightly more complex due to the fact that it is two fold. First I will be leaving the UK to go back home to India for a few months before I move again all the way to Texas in January for my PhD.

As for my stuff, some of it (as much as is allowed by the BA luggage restrictions) will come with me to India, and the rest will be bundled up in boxes and stay in the UK with a friend until I am ready to go to Texas.

While doing a quick review of things I own a few months back I came to the conclusion that while my clothes/shoes/bags are at manageable levels, my bath/shower/skincare products are enough to open up my own shop. So I sat down and ruthlessly edited my collection, gave some of the things to various friends, donated another lot to giveandmakeup, I was still left with a rather large stash of products that I regularly use.

Having read various beauty bloggers solve similar problems with “Project 10 pan” where they have to use up 10 makeup items before they buy anymore, I tried to so the same. (Emphasis on tried.) While I can’t say I didn’t buy anything new, I did manage to finish up 13 bottles/tubs/tubes of various lotions and potions, and since one can truly know what the product is like when it has been used up, here are my mini reviews on each product.



Kara Makeup Removal Wipes: I picked these up last time I was in India because it has lavender in it. Removes makeup quite well (although I don’t wear too much, so I can’t comment on how it is with heavy or waterproof makeup), has a light but lovely scent, and also good for refreshing your face on the move.

Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream: Great lightweight moisturiser that still packs a punch. Unscented and does not aggravate my sensitive skin. My 3rd tub of the stuff.

TREsseme Vitamin C Deep Cleansing Shampoo: A nice clarifying shampoo for when your scalp needs a deep clean. Does dry my hair out, so I use about once every 2 weeks followed by a hair mask.

Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel: I love the Body Shop and I love cherry blossom, so it made sense to buy this. Has a lovely but not overpowering scent and foams up nicely.

Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub: While manual exfoliants are too harsh for facial skin, scrubs like this are great for sloughing off dead skin cells once a week or so. It has a fresh citrusy sort of scent, and the beads are made from pumice (not polyethylene like some) and therefore is eco-friendly (always a plus for me!).

Tisserand Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Oil: A lavender scented roll on to apply on your pulse points to help you sleep better. It may seem odd that I need this, seeing that not even an earthquake can get me out of bed, but the smell is very calming and helps you unwind if you are sleeping in a hotel room or your brain is buzzing with equations on the night before an exam.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion Lavender: Can you tell I love lavender yet? I bought this a while ago in winter to keep crocodile legs at bay, and it has lasted me quite a while. It doesn’t quite smell like lavender, but it’s not unpleasant and does leave skin feeling nice and moisturised.

Maroma SPA Shampoo & Conditioner with Tea Tree and Lavender: I wanted to try the Paul Mitchell one, but I couldn’t find it anywhere near me, so when I saw this in India I thought I would give it a whirl. The shampoo does an amazing job of cleaning my hair, but it does leave it feeling quite stripped and greasy at the same time. (I know, I was confused too) but when followed up with the conditioner and then left to air dry my hair felt clean, soft and lasted longer between washes. Score!

Dove go fresh Burst Body Wash with Nectarine and White Ginger: I adore Dove body washes, especially when my skin is feeling a bit dry. This body wash has an amazingly fresh scent that wakes me up in the morning and cleans without being stripping.

Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Pads: Cotton rounds soaked in nail polish remover, fuss free, does what it says on the tin.

Rituals Zensation Foaming Shower Gel Sensation with Organic Rice Milk and Cherry BlossomWhew, what a mouthful! I got this as a part of a sampler set while in Amsterdam, and this shower gel is definitely one of the more unique things I have used. The can squirts out a gel which on contact with water turns into a rather rich foam, which is very nice to use (once I figured out a way to use it without the gel going everywhere) It seemed to last a surprisingly short while, but it was nice to use nevertheless.

Original Source Lavender and Tea Tree Shower Gel: Made using real lavender flowers, this shower gel smells like you are walking down lavender fields. It foams up better while using a loofah and you only need a tiny amount so it lasts for ages.The relaxing scent makes it an excellent shower gel for a pre bedtime wash.

Sanctuary Spa Body Butter: This rich and lovely body butter has a scent the complements the scrub I mentioned earlier, and make an excellent duo when used together. A month or so ago I suddenly developed rather itchy rashes on my arms and legs for no particular reason (lovely I know) and while this didn’t make it vanish, it certainly helped to calm it down. This was one product I was actually sad when it was finished.

And there you have it! Now if only the rest of the packing process was this fun…..

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


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