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Everything but the kitchen sink…


It is probably obvious to you by now that I love to travel. However, one of my pet peeves when I am out and about is seeing people lugging huge suitcases along for an overnight/weekend trip. I get that people are nervous about being away from the comforts of their home, but with a little planning all that stress and worry can be easily avoided!
So, here is what I have learnt about packing for a trip so you don’t have to learn the hard way 🙂
  1. Know your style. I usually wear jeans and a blouse, or a dress if the weather permits. I like to accessorise with simple silver jewellery. So there is absolutely no point in me bringing shorts and tank tops because I know I am not going to wear them!
  2. Check the weather and know what you are going to be doing. I tend to wear ballet flats on a regular basis. But if I think it’s going to be raining or if I am going to be walking in the forest (or anywhere muddy) I will wear my waterproof boots instead.
  3. Don’t forget the little things. Most people tend to shove a bunch of clothes in a bag and go. However, forgetting the little things is what can really get on your nerves when you travel. Phone chargers, jammies and hair brushes are among the most commonly forgotten objects.
  4. Travel size it. When it comes to bath/hair products travel and sample sizes are your best friends. You can either pick them up separately from the supermarket or you can buy a ready made set such as the one pictured above by Molton Brown.
  5. Be prepared.  I don’t mean pack for every scenario imaginable. But things like packing an umbrella or a light sweater can keep you comfortable and stress free when you are in an unknown place. A mini emergency kit with a nail file, cotton swabs, safety pins, paracetamol and a sewing kit can also work wonders to keep your sanity intact when you have a headache or a button falls off your favourite shirt.
  6. Small comforts. Conversely it is amazing how a little thing can cheer you up immensely. I get cranky when I am jostled around in a crowd or am feeling dusty/groggy. So I carry a small bottle of the Caudalie beauty elixir and spray it on my face for a pick me up. Travel wipes, a drink of water, some chocolate or mints also serve a similar purpose. If you are a light sleeper keeping some earplugs and an eye mask will stop the noisy people in the next room from disturbing your beauty sleep.
  7. Dress up: What if I get invited to dine with the Queen?? Well, while that is unlikely to happen (for me at least), it often happens that I want to go out to a slightly fancier place for dinner. I always pack a LBD (little Black Dress if you were wondering) and some eyeliner and I am good to go. I picked up the dress for a tenner on eBay and it can be dressed up or down, so I am not overstuffing my bag either.
  8. Pen and paper: Even with all this technology around, sometimes you need to actually write stuff down. I carry a small journal to write about the things I saw/did, so that I don’t forget all the fun I had.
And before you know it, your bags are packed!!! If you travel often for business/fun, it might be worth keeping a travel toiletries bag. I have a bag with my shower stuff, skincare stuff as well as things like lip balm and hair bobbles to save me packing time when my mind is clearly on the sights I am going to see.
The most important tip of all?? Smile and have fun. Don’t let things like small delays get to you, and don’t rush everything in a day.Happy travels!!!
Until next time, Love, me 🙂

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