Christmas break is here, but come January I will be moaning and groaning under a pile of exam revision to be done. To make life easier I have started working earlier (long may it last!) and thought that this would be a good chance to show you guys how I organise my uni work etc.

As I have mentioned before I have an iPhone 3Gs that I love and use to death. I also have a macbook air, so its very easy for me to sync things between my phone and laptop. And as we all know, the Apple store has some great free apps so adding these factors together = organised me! Without further ado here are some ways I keep track of things.

  1. Wunderlist. This is a free app that is available for both the iPhone and mac. Perfect for list-maniacs like me, and you can create different lists for various categories and a recent update also means you can have sub notes for each item on your list. The categories I use are Uni for university work, shopping for grocery list, flat stuff is anything related to my house like landlord visits etc., happy shopping is my want list and to do and weekend have lists of things to be done. It automatically syncs to my laptop, and is brilliant!
  2. wunderlistEvernote. Pretty much everyone has heard of this one. Again, has both iPhone and Mac versions. I use this for storing recipes, ideas for my blog posts, clipping notes for my travel plans and keeping track of miscellaneous things for uni work and PhD applications.Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 01.14.13
  3. inClass. All my professors provide course notes which are available from the course website in addition to the printed ones they give out at lectures. While I carry the hard copy to class, I also prefer having a digital copy on my phone and laptop. This has come in handy for reviewing my notes on the bus or as back up for the days I forget my notes/ don’t want to carry a heavy bag. inClass also has the option to keep track of assignments but I use my planner for this. You can also arrange files by course, which is very useful! IMG_0562IMG_0563
  4. iSoton. My lovely university has its own app where students can log in and access their timetables and check the university email account. It also other useful features like campus maps (helpful for looking up Building 53 when you have to be there in 5 minutes for your next lecture), bus timings (my uni has its own huge bus service) places to eat on campus etc.IMG_0552
  5. My Planner. This is not an app, but I am putting it here because this is what I use to keep track of assignment due dates, hair appointments, meetings with supervisors etc. I know I can use the iCal on my phone/laptop, but for some reason I found that I hated using it and far prefer the old fashioned pen and paper method. I use a planner from paperblanks that has a weeks view at a time. I also carry around a plain ruled notebook to jot down random thoughts etc.

So there you have it! It’s probably not the most organised of methods, but this is what works the best for me, and hope you found it helpful!

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂



2 thoughts on “Organising!

  1. I only use Awesome Notes and find it works perfect for my needs. I tried to use Wunderlist I was turned off when I needed to register.

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