Where is your golden mean?


I have been thinking about this post for a while now; ever since my friend said “I keep forgetting you are a vegetarian, you don’t act like one.” What does a vegetarian act like? I was curious. She said that the vegetarian people she knew would constantly keep talking about why others shouldn’t eat meat and act like veggie supremacists. So here is how I see things:

I am a vegetarian. I have always been one, and its not for religious reasons. My mum is a vegetarian and my dad isn’t, and ultimately it was my choice. Sure, I can go one step further and be vegan, but I like milk, cheese and other dairy products. I believe in being kind to the environment, but at the same time I like certain comforts that may not be very eco friendly.

To elaborate, I try not to buy leather, I use cotton shopping bags, use my own water bottle instead of the use and throw ones, buy organic when possible and choose eco friendly alternatives when practical(e.g. use lemongrass to keep away mozzies.)

On the other hand I do fly a lot, use shampoo and body wash, and I love perfumes! Ultimately it is a line I draw for myself, and to the best of my ability try to stick to it :). If it is not too much of an effort and it helps out, then why not? That doesn’t mean I am going to shove my ideas down your throat, and I’ll thank you to not do so either!

So where is your golden mean? What can you compromise and what can you not?

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


One thought on “Where is your golden mean?

  1. I have quite a few vegetarian friends and co-workers. I sometimes forget that they are vegetarian as well because they don’t impose it on others. I find that really annoying. I’m fairly accommodating to my friends’ needs/tastes & I don’t impose meat on vegetarians/vegans so I find it annoying when they try impose their diet on me. I think that’s what your friend is getting to.

    When it comes to food, I eat meat. I eat seafood. I like dairy and eggs. I also buy leather. (I do reuse, recycle and re-purpose stuff though. This is more due to being frugal than being just environmentally friendly though I must admit.) I like to think that anything goes as long as you respect the life given. Meaning… don’t waste the food or products. For example, shark fin is something I don’t eat because usually only the fin is taken and the rest of the fish is thrown back. This is wasteful and disrespectful to the animal.

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