Update time!!


Thought I would do a quick update on whats new in my life. Now entering my final year at university, I will now be looking into potential PhD placements. And for that I will be needing to take the GRE test, both general and subject based. Since most of September will be devoted to me travelling, and seats for the examination in the UK are all booked, I will be writing my exam in October in…..


So most of this month is me staying indoors and swotting. And to make all the exam prep bearable, below are the essentials I need to keep going.

Study essentials

Many cups of tea will get me through this 🙂

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Update time!!

  1. Consider also small snacks to keep you energized and satiated in a case you get the munchies too. Good luck with the studying! p’-‘q

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