Upcoming trip to Europe!!

For almost five years now, I have planned to go on a tour of Europe with some friends. I didn’t know with whom, when or even where exactly. But I knew that someday I would. And the time is almost here at last!!!!

This September, I will be going on a 20 day tour of France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg!!

The main purpose of this trip is to enjoy myself and look at pretty places/things. But as it so happens, I am also planning to visit some well known universities to talk about PhD placements. ( I feel old now…) Some of the cities I will be visiting are:

  • Paris (Of course!)
  • Cologne
  • Munich
  • Amsterdam
  • Brussels
  • Luxembourg city

and a few more.

While thinking about the trip I had to make an important decision. What shoes to wear?

This may sound silly, but its not! I will be walking a LOT, hours together for many days. But at the same time I do NOT want to wear those garish white trainers most tourists wear. (I am going to be in Paris for crying out loud!!)

Enter: PUMA ballerina shoes!


They are built for walking like a sports shoe, but at the same time look as elegant as ballet flats! Genius! Whats more… I managed to get in on a 40% off sale. 🙂

So excited!!

Until Next Time, Love, Me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Upcoming trip to Europe!!

  1. Whatever you get or bring… Make sure they are WELL-BROKEN IN SHOES BEFORE you take them to Europe. Or your feet will pay dearly. >_<

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