Travel Review

Travel Review: Thekkady

Spring break has come and gone. Nose to the grindstone time. I will however, spare time to write a (short) review about my vacation to Thekkady, Kerala, India.

We stayed at Spice Village, and honestly, it was lovely! With over 100 different varieties of plants it was like staying in a spice plantation by itself. Even walking to our cottage we were enveloped in the scents of lemongrass, cinnamon and cardamom. (Mmmmm..)

Since it is close to the Periyar Tiger Reserve (Rawr!), and being a major attraction of the place, we didn’t have an excuse to miss it. Not wanting to be up at the crack of dawn we decided to go for the 3.30pm boat ride. It is truly a beautiful place; full of exotic birds, animals and many many trees. Though we weren’t lucky enough to see any tigers, we did see plenty of deer and bison.

As the name suggests, the cardamom hills grow about 70% of the worlds produce of cardamom. After a tour of the plantation that included learning a lot about various spices came the the highlight of the trip for me, a ride on the plantations own pet elephant! Whee!!!

After this, was of course, the shopping!! As I love spicy food, and experimenting with different spices (as opposed to the base itself) it was a delight! Take your time pinching little bits, sniffing a bit of this and that (stay away from ground pepper!), and enjoy a complimentary cup of vanilla tea. (Yummy)

Bottom line: This place is ideal for nature lovers as well as those looking for a short break(or both!!). Spice Village is a great place to stay, and the staff were very friendly and hospitable indeed. Be sure to enjoy the local cuisine (Appam and Kadalakari being my favourite along with many cups of masala tea) and learn about the local culture. You won’t regret it. PS: Pack plenty of mosquito repellant though!!

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


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