Travel Review

Travel Review: Bath

Hello people!!

As you probably know by now, I love travelling. So it’s only natural that I should go around as much as possible, and the perfect way to do this is to take a weekend break.

My first trip to Bath was in December. I decided to make a short break instead of a weeklong jaunt somewhere due to my angelic intentions of studying for my exams.

If I had to choose one word to describe Bath, it would be beautiful. But as I currently do not have that restriction I shall add a few more to the list such as friendly, small and elegant.

On my first trip, I visited the most obvious- The Roman Baths. Though it was mostly destroyed, it has been reconstructed. The figures on the roof were not built by the romans, much to my disappointment, but the actual pool was. Though wandering around half broken ruins is not exactly my cup of tea, it was fascinating to learn the various beliefs and myths that surround the natural spring waters. There is a museum built around the baths, making it quite enjoyable. They also had staff dressed up as Roman characters and free tours of the baths themselves to make life easier for people like me who like to listen to a tour guide talk than have those silly audio tour headphones on pushing numbers to get explanations 😀 (Though these are available if you like them!)

A not so well known attraction is the Masonic museum. After all the Dan Brown novels I was curious to see what exactly it was about, and as it was literally around the corner from my hostel, I had no reason to miss it really. It was a tiny door with a sign on it and I didn’t expect much. But once I was inside, I knew I was in for a fair bit of history. The museum is built to be a pantomime theatre. I was then converted into a church and has now been modified to serve as a masonic temple. The tour guide was a very friendly person and it was worth the time.

Being me I wasn’t going to miss out on the spa when I went to Bath (come on really!) so I finished off my visit with a trip to the thermae bath spa. It was quite pricey but I read some really good reviews about it and I also had a voucher that enabled me to spend 4 hours in there for the price of two, so I went.

IT WAS AMAZING!! It is Britains only natural thermal spring water spa and all that, plus when you are there in the middle of winter, the warmth of the water really was quite welcoming. The rooftop pool gave me some lovely views of the abbey and the surrounding buildings. They also have steam rooms and another bigger pool in the lower floors, and I had a lot of fun there.

Being clean and relaxed makes me hungry, so my next stop was the fudge shop, a 2 minute walk away from the spa. Here you can see fudge being made freshly, right in front of your eyes; and in more flavours than I had space in my tummy to sample :/

Bottom line: If you have a few days (or even a single day) to spare, and want a change of scene, this is one of the first places in England I would recommend you visit.

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


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