Love thy neighbour??

I bounded back home, elated because I was granted my license to thrill (aka driving license 😀 ) and what should put a damper on my spirits but a broken door handle??

Frantic calls and fifteen minutes later my dad turns up to summon the carpenter, who announces that the spring in the lock had sprung when not needed and now we had no other option but to break it open.

I would have like to say that someone pulled out a gun and blew the door open and kicked it FBI style, but all that happened was that a screwdriver was pulled out and thus began the tedious process of breaking the lock.

Now, locks are generally not thief proof; they just act as a fairly serious deterrent. We put them up in the fond hope that the thief will be wary of breaking the lock as it might wake the neighbours (it must be noted that we stay in an apartment so this assumption should technically hold good)

But here we were merrily chipping away at the door and not one person comes out to see what the hell was happening!! * shakes head dolefully *

As nosy as they can be when it comes to trying to find out their neighbours private affairs blissfully ignore the potential burglary; with the television that it usually silenced to eavesdrop the minute the couple next door have an argument continued to blare away!!

I don’t know about you but I am installing a burglar alarm ASAP!!

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


One thought on “Love thy neighbour??

  1. I tried to imagine you as an FBI officer (you know, with all those black coats and FBI ID cards and stuff…) and ended up rolling on the floor laughing… 😛

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