Why we wander..

My mind totally set on travelling to Europe over my summer vacations, I was describing my plans, for the millionth time to my friend. Then I wondered, what does travel mean to others??

For some, it’s sitting on the sands of various beaches all around the world; for others it is a whirlwind tour of the most major landmarks. Eiffel tower? Check. The great wall? Check. Taj Mahal? Check. The Pyramids of Giza? Hmmm, now we know our next stop!


I am still very annoyed about my trip to France Paris a few years ago. En route to Spain, we decided to spend a couple of days in Paris. Sure we saw the Eiffel tower, the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper and sailed down the Seine, but what else?

Various tour timings and a pre set “checklist” of places to see made it  impossible for me to drag my parents to a few cathedrals I wanted to see.

I see people on my travels, people who dread travelling again because of their crazy timings on these “group tours”; the ones with promotions like “Visit 5 countries in 4 days!!” What do you get to see apart from the insides of various planes and trains then??

It’s YOUR vacation people!! Live life on YOUR terms and not at the mercy of these tour companies. Don’t be afraid to book your own vacation and be flexible with your timings. On my recent trip to Brighton with my friend, we ditched our plan on going to play volleyball on the beach to play 2 rounds of crazy golf and drink slush puppies; and it was such a rewarding experience (and we wouldn’t have had it if we were unwilling to experiment with our original plan)

To me, travel is about getting a feel of the place I go to. To absorb the culture and the little experiences that make you remember your trip more than the landmarks. My family and I still laugh about the time we went to this nice restaurant in Italy and after the meal the waiter comes up and says “No credit card please, thank you!!” (I am laughing too hard now, I think I’ll leave it at this for now 😀 )

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


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