It’s a thin line??

Sure, everyone talks about it; there are innumerable debates about it; but is there a conclusion?

To actually come to what I am talking about. Remember  the saying ” there are always two sides to a coin? ” Having been coached to argue two sides of a mobius strip, I have reached my own personal conclusion.

You can argue any subjective topic endlessly if you feel like it. But in the end is it worth it? Is it going to change a thing? I was listening to a song, when the line “life is more intricate than it seems” blared out at me. How true!!

So instead of haggling over the smallest details, take a step back, look at the big picture, and save yourself a huge headache.

Trust me.

Until next time, Love, Me 🙂


5 thoughts on “It’s a thin line??

  1. Hi kav,
    I wish to comment on two subjects that are meant in this topic. First, are there two sides on a mobius strip? Think…
    Secondly, you said “You can argue any subjective topic endlessly if you feel like it. But in the end is it worth it? “ What is philosophy, Kav? Do you think its primary goal is to answer questions? No. Philosophy is about keeping questions and debates alive. Ask your question to Plato. “Dear Mr Plato, is it worth to argue about the topics that you have discussed in your dialogues?”
    Think, Kav, think…


  2. Sarr,

    Firstly to argue both sides of a mobius strip is a figure of speech, and is not meant literally. More of a hyperbole really.

    Secondly, the dicussion i am talking about is not something philosophical. I just realised I never mentioned it in my post. What I am referring to is how some people are obsessed with the tiniest details of a conversation. Let me give you an example. Two of my friends had an argument. It was about why the “accused” had used the word “so” instead of “oh really?” and the argument went on for nearly an hour. In the process, the context in which the word was usd was completely forgotten. So thats what i meant when i said is this kind of endless discussion really worth it, when there are clearly better things to do?

    These are, however, my views on the subject; and i am sure people will have other things to say about it. After all there are billions of people in the world and conflict is almost a fact of life.

    • Kav,
      Can discussions and debates be classified into philosophical discussions and non-philosophical ones? The example that you have quoted is exactly what Wittgenstein takes issue with. His philosophical treatise on the theory of language discusses why people use certain statements or words instead of others. If you say that the discussion that your friends had was meaningless, then Mr Wittgenstein will surely disagree.
      I, personally, don’t think that certain discussions are meaningless while others are meaningful. To me, all discussions offer wisdom. Just consider two boys discussion about whether the moon is made of green cheese. On a very common level, people tend to look at this as a meaningless discussion. But, is it really meaningless???

      Sarrvesh SS

      PS: A mobius strip has only one side.

  3. Sarr,
    About the mobius strip, yes i know it has only one side; and the phrase “two sides of a mobius strip” is a figure of speech.

    “To me, all discussions offer wisdom” : That was exactly my point. That is your opinion; and in my mind I am able to classify a conversation to be pointless or meaningful. Maybe at some levels, some classifications break down but at least in a very general sense I think such classifications exist.

  4. Kav,
    I am unable to get the figure of speech. We use the phrase “two sides of a coin” because a coin really has two sides. When a mobius strip has only one side, how can you use “two sides of a mobius strip”?
    Secondly, I still am unable to classify a conversation into meaningful and meaningless ones.


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